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waasohn's page!!!!!!!
My name is
waasohn D.

This is not my dog Elliot

(I was not taking the picture)

My summer has been fun. I did not see fireworks on the Fourth of July but I wanted to.

I have been playing with my friends Rachel and Marieli. Marieli is crazy and funny and Rachel is nice and crazy and loose. My favorite movie this summer (so far ) is"Big Mama's House" I thought it was very good and I like the actor Martin, he is a funny little man.

I did not take this picture of a moth on the window of my front porch.I just like the picture. 
AppreciationTime: I would like to show Appreciation to my mom and my dad and my cousins and all my aunt and uncles.Especially my mom Teresa my Dad Ben my cousins Zachary,Cherrell,Jackie,and Tasha and Tamika and to my BFF's Rachel and Mareili.
   THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!