PaDao's Page

My Name: 
PaDao Y.
 Here is a picture of me when we had the week "Show Her The MONEY!
      This is the story of  me.(PaDao Y.) I am a fifth  grader, going to sixth.I am 11 years old. the school I'm going to Northeast. My best teacher is Chales Mckissack Jr.but I call him Mr.Mckissack.My favorite sport is SOCCER. I have been learning how to play soccer sence second grade.It was like the mostly favorite and, I am good at. I have a nick name call Moony Y..My home state is Lacross,Wisconsin. But now I live in Minneapolis,Minneasota.  

        I have three best friend. They are (Yer Y., Choua Y., and Lau X..) They are some GREAT friends.They have been my friends sence third grade, that means we were friends for three years.We sent letters to each others alot. 

         In my family I have 8 people in my family. My dad,mom,2brothers,and 4 sisters counting me. My dad is 35 yd. My mom is 33 yd. My biggest sister is (Mai Lee Y.) is 17 yd. My second big sister (Mai Xiong Y.) is 15 yd. Now I'm the second youngest (PaDao Y.) is 11 yd.My smallest sister (PaDee Y.) is 10 yd. My bigest brother (Buri Y.) is 12 yd. My smallest brother (Dala Y.) is 9 yd. So this is my Family. 

          I started K-1 grande when I was in Wisconsin, But when we moved I started school in 1st grade from Willard school.Then  I started  Jenny Lind 3rd-5th grade. I made new friends quick, because all I had to do is to go up to someone and introduce myself  and just start to play around with my new friends.There were some good friends at Willard and Jenny Lind.Now after I'm done with 5th grade I'm moving on to 6th grade. I'm going to Northeast for my 6th grade.If you want to e-mail me, e-mail ay moony_yang .         


Here is a picture of us when we did a