Kayla's World!@~$*#

My Name:
Kayla W.


This is my summer story:

Hello, my name is Kayla W..I go to swimming lessons at Webber Pool often. 
I am in level 7. I
LOVEswimming.  I also like N*Sync, Backstreet Boys, Christina Aguilera and Brandy.I also like singing, dancing, and mostly swimming.  And not to mention, I LOVE shopping. I have a little sister named Maddie and an older brother named Danny.  I also have a little dog named Chloe who is a Springer Spaniel and she `my dad is a sixth grade teacher and they both teach at Zanewood Elementary in Brooklyn Park. Ic go to FAIR School in Crystal.  Every summer me and my family and cousins used to go up North to a cabin at Butternut Point Resort.



Here is a picture of my dog Chloe.
Isn't she cute!!!!! She has big brown eyes!


This is my little sister Maddie when she was 1.
She's really cute!!!!!

Favorite Web Link: www.barbie.com