Joelle is the bomb !
My name is :

(I am going to talk about Sammie and more)

Me and my sister Jemala like Sammie. Sammie went to my sisters school she went on the stage with him. We went to see him at the Convention Center. It was me my sister Jemala, Danielle, Ja'Quan, Nypri, and Crystal we had fun. 
I just drew a picture of my name. If you can't pernouns it ,it is Joelle. People call me Joell , even though it is spelled different. But they still think that it is Joell. Just to let you know that my name is Joelle not Joell. Just to tell you that one time I went to the bank with my mom. Then my mom called my name she said "Joelle" and a lady though somebody was calling her name, well she though my mom called her name. She said "what.". Me and my mom looked around the room we saw her say "what" my mom said to her "I was calling my douther not you ,Sorry".           **THE END**