Choua's page

My Name:
Is Choua Y.
This is the names of us:
Xeng, Michela, Choua, and Yer.
Hi my name is Choua Y., and I am going to tell you a little about me. I am a fifth grader who is going to 6th grade. I am 11 years. I am  in the D.G.P camp this year. D.G.P stands for Discover Girl Power Camp. This is my first yaer at D.G.P camp. This is a picture of  my two sisters, and my one of my cousins. We took this picture at Photo Dock. Photo Dock is in between Minneapolis and St. Paul. There was alot of  backrounds and the person who took the pictures get to choose the backround for us. We get to dress on our own too. The person who took the pictures also gets to choose how we pose like. This was a fun place to go to. The woman who helped us which was the woman who took the pictures of us, well she also gave us the flowers, and the other things in the other pictures. Well that is where we went to and it was alot of fun. 



This is my sister and my friend looking at cards!!